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2008-11-12 02:02:00

Book Shopping at
Once maybe two times per year I return home prepared for Bear with a long todo list, normally on the list is the duty to pick up one or two books I purchased on

I only have one book on my list this year so far, I will return for Thanksgiving, therefore I need to purchase the books now so I can pick it up later.

I was asked the other day, which books in 2008 motivated me to travel?

This question is a silly for a real traveler, it presumes I was not traveling.

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Wednesday, November 12, 2008
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However this one is not,

“If you was carrying 2 travel books beside a guidebook, which ones would you say you need?”

I cannot purchase books, so I have no idea about new books for sale, this is impossible, unless I stayed at home and did not travel.

I have not needed a book for over 10 years, however I read about one per week, books choose me, I do not choose books. I read the books that happen to enter my world. Truly the art of travel is to be able to separate the needs from the wants.

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