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Tourist Caused Panic Attack

2008-11-06 15:01:00

Tourist Caused Panic Attack
I went into a restaurant called the Riverside here in Chang Mai the other night with my friend Travis. I suddenly had a panicky feeling, started to get weak, I felt disorientated and angry.

There were too many tourists in one location.

Chang Mai, Thailand
Friday, November 7, 2008
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I wish I were joking, I wish this were not a true experience. I will have to do some deep soul searching and introspection to try to understand how I feel about this situation.

Luckily we left the main Riverside Restaurant and went across the street to different version whereby we sat outside on the deck and I was comfortable.

As best can get in touch with my feelings, there is something about the situation that is opposite of why I travel, or maybe something I wish to escape.

Tourist Caused Panic Attack