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The Toilet Spray Nozzle Argument

2008-11-24 05:33:00

The Toilet Spray Nozzle Argument
Me and my Thai girlfriend returned from Koh SiChang to a Hotel near Khao San Road, she goes in the restroom and comes out trying to say something in English.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road
Sunday, November 23, 2008
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It was about a spray nozzle thingy in the toilet…
(Note, the Europeans get angry when I say restroom.)

She would have said something like this if she knew all the correct words in English.

“There is sh--t on the head of the nozzle.”
“They did not clean the restroom good.”
I then said,
“Welcome to Thailand.”
She tried to say,
“This is their job.”
I said,
“What do you expect when someone sticks that thing up their a--ss.”
She said,
“They should do good work.”
I said,
“What do you want me to do?”
"Welcome to Thailand."
She said,
“They are supposed to clean the restroom good.”
I said,
“Clean it.”
“Put it in the toilet and flush it a few times.”

Well, I then went into this diatribe about how they should have a power wash systems in Hotels, and big brushes to wash the toilets. Then gave a few other explanations on how a Hotel could or should allow their staff to clean a toilet.

She said,
“Aagh, I need the toilet.”
I said,
“What do you want to do?”
I finally said,
“Please go down to the desk and ask them to clean that thing.”

I knew I did not know the Thai words for spray nozzle and I would never be able to explain to the reception desk. They sent up this guy who sits out in the hall all day smoking, somewhat has acne and really I would not want to enter the toilet after him. He takes some toilet paper and does something inside the toilet.

She comes out again.

Now, I go down, saying something to the effect, you need to have someone clean who knows how to clean, and you need to make sure the A--Hole does it. You are the manager, do you job!

I am laughing all the while, knowing they truly do stick this nozzle between their legs and spray their A--s. Many traveler say this is cleaner, I think they drink the water too much.

We finally moved rooms.

I was going to title this,
“Where in the H--ll is the Manager?”

Truly, it would be nice on planet earth if a manager of a Hotel cared enough to check their workers, however I know the truth… as long as nobody complains, they do not care. And the Hotel is 10 times cleaner than the homes where these people live, so how would they know what a clean room looks like, they never seen one in their lives.

Note, of all the cheap countries on the planet, Thailand is one of the cleanest, it is downhill from here...

The Toilet Spray Nozzle Argument

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