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The Sunrise Brings a New World

2008-11-27 01:45:00

The Sunrise Brings a New World
Another bed, another Hotel Room, I am here in Indianapolis, Indiana, waiting for the sun to rise. I have jet lag, it is 4:14 am, however my mind still believes it is Thailand where the time is 4:14 pm in the afternoon.

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA, and it is a new day on the other side of the planet.

Indianapolis, Indiana
Comfort Inn close to my Nephew Robert House
Thursday, November 27, 2008
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I will spend today with the majority of my family, truly a reunion of my family and one of the great American experiences.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful corny American holiday, the part of the USA culture I wish I could wrap up and have delivered to the rest of the planet. Indiana, the state where I was born, in a small farm village, in a place where everybody says hello, where I hear please and thank you, and excuse me, it is truly a great place on planet earth.

We have a special Holiday, there is a new baby, his name is Xander and he is a Black Boy, we are a White Family. My nephew and his wife adopted a baby, he is seven months and all conversations revolve around Xander. This is a good thing, my mother said,
“Xander can always say, he was born in the same year that Obama became the first Black President.”

The sun will rise soon, there will be a new day, all old memories will fade, and today will be replaced by new ones, there will be simplicity restored to the day. I try to enjoy my life, however for a traveler, this is not about traveling to paradise, and it is know I can take paradise with me as my constant travel companion.

The Sunrise Brings a New World

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