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The Story of My Life

2008-11-22 06:40:00

The Story of My Life
Is a Travel Journal a bunch of good stories? Recently I learned a few more ways to make money from my Travel Journal.

This has caused a dilemma for me; I now have two paths in the road.

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Thursday, November 20, 2008
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I did this Story about the Fake Monks as a test, it was not a Blog post, and it was a Travel Article. It was not made in 15 minutes, it was researched, and I tried to choose my words for a premeditated reason. I suppose this is the operative, I made an effort to choose my words, I tried to remove my convoluted way of thinking and dumb it down, I remove most of the real me out of the post.

I was writing the other day that the word Travel Journal is the wrong words; they should call it Travel Articles. I am 100 percent sure; the vast majorities of casual readers would rather have Travel Articles than me using this Travel Journal as my Web Log or my Diary.

However, I realize to from a Travel Diary point of view, I must turn the comments off to enjoy the cathartic process of writing a journal or diary. The comments are annoying, they do not make me happy, however valuable if I want to make money.

Well, shall I continue to blab away about what I think and feel or should I start to write Travel Articles? I suppose it possible to make two Travel Journals, one for Travel Articles, and another for me. I have always said and admitted, I have a Travel site, I make web pages to make money so I can afford to travel.

I have many readers who write personal emails to me, they are real, authentic and helpful, these are people who want to be my friend. Yes, maybe about 25 percent of comments are from people who wish to be my friend, the majority have some weird agenda, some social media thing I do not wish to avoid and skip in this life. Friendship is valuable to me, and inside a social network would be the last place I go looking for a friend.

To say the least, I am not happy with the world of Travel Journal readers; I do not think they want to hear the unedited truth about real travel life, the story of my life.

The Story of My Life