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Thailand Tourist Industry 2008

2008-11-16 17:14:00

Thailand Tourist Industry 2008
My mother wrote me about Thailand,

“There is a lot in the paper and on the TV periodically about them. 10 years ago, it would have made me worry about you but now I know you understand how to take all precautions to be safe.
Love prayers Mom Dad”

I am on the outside of the USA looking, my Mother and the Father are on the inside looking out, this truly demonstrates to me the global problems of understanding other countries.

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Sunday, November 16, 2008
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I have been talking on the telephone to many people; I have asked my Mother and Father many questions about the economy of the USA. So far, and remember I am on the outside looking in, I do not know the real situation in the USA, just interpretations from friends and family. However, I think Thailand is in better shape than the USA in many ways.

The economic problems of the world are an industrial countries problem, more than the developing countries. I feel it the countries where the majority of people work in Factories are going to have problems, while the agrarian countries will have less problems.

“Subsistence Farming is 100 percent employment.”

A Thai friend of mine is being hurt by this economic situation, given a tax break if she invested in “Stock Market” related investments for the long term, she has lost about 20 percent of the value. The governments of the world encourage normal people, not ready for prime time investments in ways that make it possible for them to lose their principal.

My Mother is talking about the Protesters, the Cambodian border dispute and other problems in the countries. It is incredibly difficult to explain to people that these types of problems are opt in problems. The vast majority of people involved in these problems are people who opted to being involved, it is incredibly easy to avoid them, and in fact, it is difficult to find them.

I do not need to take precautions to be safe in Thailand, I would have to go hunt for the problems to find a problem here in Thailand. As normal, the people in life who have the most problems are the people who volunteered for the problems.

When I think about the economic problems of the world, I do not think about returning to the USA, I think about avoiding it until this is over, staying safe and sound in under-developed countries.

Thailand Tourist Industry 2008