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Stopping Camera Condensation a Good Solution

2008-11-10 06:02:00

Stopping Camera Condensation a Good Solution
I called upon,
"My anonymous friend Barack Obama's cousin".... to be a model for a good Camera Tip.

When a person leaves an air conditioned room in a tropical climate, the lens will fog up and ruin photos.

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Sunday, November 9, 2008
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I now take the camera out of my bag, hold it close to my body and cup my hands around the lens until the heat of my body warms the camera. It takes about a 100 meter walk before the camera is warm or about 10 minutes.

Hold it close to body for warmth.

I suppose you do not have to give this type of look.

Another friend took these photos, I am not sure why the photos are two different sizes, she had a big Canon expensive jobby.

Really should not put your thumb on the lens, I use a piece of t-shirt to clean the lens, I believe tissue will slowly scratch the lens.

I have sewn the strap together just after the hand so the strap will not slip off my hand easily, this will help stop thieves or me accidentally dropping the camera.

I have also stopped using the lens cover, it insulated the lens and stopped it from acclimating, however the camera is kept inside my computer bag, converted into a camera bag.

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Stopping Camera Condensation a Good Solution

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