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Riding on a Thailand Bus

2008-11-07 03:51:00

Riding on a Thailand Bus
I am on the bus from Chang Mai to Bangkok, Thailand, I am using a GPRS internet connection from AIS or One Two Call mobile phones here in Thailand.

Blogging from a Bus between Chang Mai and Bangkok. Thailand
Friday, November 7, 2008
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I believe the lesser developed countries similar to Thailand will soon pass the more developed countries for telephone services. There are countries that have very few landlines, these countries are being offered incredibly cheap and technically advanced features for pennies on the dollar compare to what we often consider highly developed countries.

Think, how does a telephone company offer internet services when there is no landlines, they must use the mobile phone or cell towers as the standard, not the exception.

If the USA is so developed, why can I Blog away on a moving bus in Thailand and I cannot even get High Speed Internet in my Home Town in Indiana? Worst yet, the cell phones do not even work; people need to go up on hills to get a connection.

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Riding on a Thailand Bus