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Orchestration of Backpack Parts

2008-11-14 17:02:00

Orchestration of Backpack Parts
I just got off a Skype.com Telephone call to the USA. I am arranging to buy Zipper Sliders, Chain and other plastic hardware in sufficient quantity to make 100-300 Professional Traveler Bags.

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Saturday, November 15, 2008
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The minimum time I could even anticipate having all the materials collected in one location is three months. I have been taking telephone trips around the planet searching for these component products of a Traveler Bag.

As best I can say, I will have all the fabric, plastic hardware, zipper chain and slider and other exotic items shipped to my parent’s house in Indiana. Once I am comfortable, the majority of items are in one location I will travel to the USA, collect the items and personally carry them to Guatemala as best I can say now.

Prior to this, I hope to find some special sewing machines in Guatemala and other rivet machines. If I am not able to find these machines in Guatemala, I will somehow buy outside the country and have them shipped into the country, however I anticipate there shall be no problems on these machines, they should be sold in Guatemala.

Somewhere along the line, I will need to rent a storage unit in a city that I choose to fabricate the backpacks.

While all this is going on, I have to create a section on HoboTraveler.com to sell the Professional Traveler Bags, it shall remain completely hidden, sitting in wait for products to sell. This is called a shopping cart page, or catalog page in my view.

I will make maybe 100 bags and while in process I will open up the online store hoping to learn how to gauge the demand. Because if there is a huge demand, I will need to order the components immediately and wait again for more components to arrive. The goal of course is to never run out of product, whereby anyone would have to wait for his or her Professional Travel Bag.

I have put tons of energy and time into this project, it is fun, however a test of my fortitude and diligence. I have realized it is easy to make an average bag, it become a test of will power to make the best possible bag possible.

Finding the proper vendors has taxed my mind, never before I have search so incessantly for products.

I am happy I have finally given up on the idea of using an existing bag factory. I am happy to finally accept that 99 percent of the bag factories are in the business of turning out mass quantities of marketable bags, not in the business of making ideal bags. This realization is sad in my mind, it took me a long time to accept that the companies were only in the business of selling products, there primary focus was not on optimal design for function, more they were are interested in bags that require very little equipment and are sexy looking even if they do not work.

I speculate and would proposition the reason why many Backpack Companies moved away from the external frame backpack to the internal frame backpack had nothing to do with quality. Rather they factories needed less machinery to make an internal frame backpack. Truly, the majority of backpacks can be made with just an average sewing machine, no special equipment is needed.

Orchestration of Backpack Parts

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