No to SLR Single Len Reflex Camera

No to SLR Single Len Reflex Camera
I have been in a continuous debate with myself whether I need a SLR - Single Reflex Lens Camera. So far the answer is no, I have yet to find a clear reason why a SLR Camera would capture the best cultural photos.

To take the best photos, I need to always carry the camera. How does a person walk around secretly with a rocket propelled grenade size camera?

Orland, Indiana
Sunday, November 30, 2008
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I am going to purchase a new Camera because the Fuji Camera I have been using for the last year has annoyed one too many times. It is still good; however, I gave it away to a good friend. The camera failed to focus properly; it required too much work to achieve good quality photos.

I do not have much pride in my scenic or nature type photos; I tend to believe any nitwit can take them. I take great pride in capturing the quick draw and shoot photos of the unique identifiers of culture.

I will be walking by something, see the photo and take the picture fast, no hesitation, just pull and shoot. Speed is what I want in a camera; the best photos in my mind are achieved when a person is ready, prepared and able to take photos fast.

I dumped an Olympus Camera because it was terribly slow, now I am dumping a Fuji because it does not focus and extract light well.

I am having a debate right now between two cameras.

PowerShot SX10 IS

20X with AA Batteries, and makes videos.

Cyber-shot® Digital Camera DSC-H50

15X with Lithium proprietory battery, makes videos and I have used four other Sony cameras.

I can buy both of the above camera for about 350-400 US Dollars. Cameras have radically changed in quality, size, features and benefits in the last few years, I am getting 5 times the camera for one half the price.

In the end, I believe to truly be a photographer, I would purchase one of the cameras above for regular daily photos, and purchase a SLR camera for when I go searching for specific photos, and not just randomly enjoying the day.

No to SLR Single Len Reflex Camera

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