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My Travel Friend Jeff

2008-11-15 16:42:00

My Travel Friend Jeff
I have a friend I met in Oaxaca, Mexico in a Hostel; we have been friends now for about 10 years. In this time, he has studied and became a Doctor and is now in residency in the USA.
We are planning some trips together in the future. We were together for a month or two in India, Nepal, Tibet, China and Tibet before I had to separate because I could not get an acceptable Russian Visa and he went on into Russia.

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Sunday, November 16, 2008
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It was great to talk with Jeff, I have good memories when I think of him, friends are difficult to find and easy to misplace, I have never been able to find a formula that I can use that would help find the good friends. In the end, some serendipitous rules govern the finding of long-term friends.

Skype.com is my newfound links to rebuild old friendships that have been put too far back on the shelf for too long.

Travel is harmful to friendships, some of my friends have just written me out of their lives. Nothing happened, however some friends feel a friendship requires we talk in person. I do not worry much about this type of friend, there is some strange value system working and not important, more of a dysfuntionally hooked together friendship.

Old friends like Jeff are easy, the moment we start talking we have rekindled the fire and the friendship is good.

He will soon be ready for some Adventure Travel, we want to ride horse from Costa Rica north across a few Countries. There is a Malnutrition trip in Niger, West Africa we wish to do, and the Congo. (Note, I define Adventure Travel when the possibility of getting killed exist.)

I was prodding him trying to get him to come to the Un-contacted tribe’s area near Pucallpa, Peru this year in January; however, his Doctor residency is right now an issue.

I am reluctant to do a few trips alone, these trips are dangerous. Like in the Movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, there are times when a partner in crime is better.

There is something mysterious about Africa and travelers, I know few travelers who want to go to Africa, somehow Asia or South America is the end of road. I need to return to Africa, it is like an addiction, I need to return to get a fix. Whatever the case, I will soon be in Guatemala and down in Pucallpa, Peru nosing around.

I was going to Oceania; I have decided the place is too expensive for this year of my life.

My Travel Friend Jeff

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