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Map to Expatriates in Chang Mai

2008-11-04 04:38:00

Map to Expatriates in Chang Mai
I happened upon an Expatriate center here in Chang Mai, I have to say the neighborhood is great, truly a good places to live.

It is the Southeast “Inner” corner of the moat in the area called Moon Muang and seems to go from about Soi 1 - 9. I am on Soi 2, so I know I am in a good solid Guesthouse area and many good places to stay, a great environment.

Chang Mai, Thailand
Tuesday, November 4, 2008
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I have been laughing, this area is a mix of the boom boom bars of Sukumvit in Bangkok, and the younger lost in space group from Khao San Road. The two cultural groups in one place create a good balance between old fat men and young backpack girls.

The cost of living seems cheaper, and the noise level is about five levels lower than Bangkok, so more comfortable.

The first time I was in Chang Mail a few years ago, I was in dull location and life rather sucked. This area has given a new perspective of Chang Mai and I can see now why many expatriates call this home.

Map to Expatriates in Chang Mai