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Islamic Coder Works Sunday Thru Thursday

2008-11-13 19:40:00

Islamic Coder Works Sunday Thru Thursday
I now have a Islamic Girl from Egypt working as a PHP Coder, she posed an interesting new situations, she does not want to work on Fridays and volunteered to work on Sundays.

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Friday, November 14, 2008
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I said,
“No Problem, I want you to have freedom.”

I have always found it funny the day’s people do not work on the planet. Here in Thailand there is a drop in vendors on Monday, I think maybe it the day the King is Born, not quite sure, although on some days the Thailand people were Yellow shirts and other days Pink, all to do with the Queen or King of Thailand.

I remember many instances of joking around with my Islamic friends around the planet.

“Ok, if you are not going to work Friday, then why are you not working on Sunday also?”

I truly do NOT want to understand all this, and I truly do not care when people work, except when I am hungry and the stores are closed.

Even funnier was a rain day in Togo, West Africa, when it started a heavy rain, the majority of small Mom and Pop stores would close.

Contrary to any misleading information you have about the planet, the majority of the planet, the 80 percent that is underdeveloped also have underdeveloped work habits. Let us put it this way, they do not knock themselves out working; more or less they sit around the majority of the day waiting for one of their friends to wander by so they can talk.

Truly the countries that are “Working by the Sweat of our Brow” and paying for Adams and Eves sins is the Developed Countries.

So what to think of my new Islamic worker in Egypt, I think she is extremely bright, diligent, her English is interesting and a challenge. She knows how to put them smiley faces in the chat box fast, and does many them Smiley Icon thingies.

My goal in life is to work in my spare time, I want to work when there is nothing else fun going on my life, therefore my Islamic worker should also be able to enjoy her life doing as she pleases and work when it is convenient.

I feel a special pride today, one of the comments below the post titled Islam before Judaism said,

Maybe visit a mosque sometime and not Ko San Road.”

Why do I take pride in this comment, because it is obvious he is not aware of the Islamic countries I have visited or truly anything about me…? If you read, many Travel Journals there is a never-ending dialogue in active voice, speaking as if the writer is an expert.

I take special pride when someone tells me I know nothing about some subjects, even though I am 100 percent positive I know more than the majority. The reason is this, to be open-minded we need to write and speak in passive voice more, be less than perfect. Humility is to me is the acceptance that I am human, I make mistakes and I allow you to see my mistakes. If someone reads one of my posts and thinks I am an expert, then I am representing myself arrogantly

Now I do realize, I am arrogant, I am over confident, and I have no use for listening or reading too much noise from every Tom, Dick and Anonymous reader that never left their country.

And, I by nature bait people, it is me, what can I say, I often enjoy using words in a twisted manner and all or nothing stereotypes. I want to know if the person weighs me by my intentions or by my words. If all they can do is pick and choose words I have misused by design or accident, they are incapable of critical thinking. Fun stuff these politically correct people, they also seem to come into my world the most of the time when I am in Thailand staging my next trip.
(Why Thailand...? I think their underlying charaters is perverted.)

With each year that passes, I have less use for the developed countries of the world. I will do about anything to avoid the incessant desire of people from developed countries to look for a reason to argue or say another person is wrong. Yes, I hate what I see in myself, I see I have this type of behavior ingrained in my mind and culture; I hope to one day travel outside the developed countries long enough to stop finding fault with every word a person says.

There are swarms of people on the internet who’s only desire it to somehow get the chance to feel powerful by telling others they do not know something. This is truly gets high scores on the sad-o-meter.

Stereotypes are real, they exist, and however one day I hope passing judgments, having contempt before consideration ends. The sin is not the stereotype, the sin is refusing to look at both side of the stereotype, admit they exist and be pre-warn yourself not to pass judgment and be introspective enough to know everyone stereotypes in every moment of the day. Weighted opinions, good judgments require us to socially group people into cluster or stereotypes, and then to remember and individual deserves to be treated as unique.

I know the God Gods will judge me by my intentions and for this I am grateful, and a grateful person has faith.

Islamic Coder Works Sunday Thru Thursday