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Islam before Judaism

2008-11-12 19:08:00

Islam before Judaism
It is 7:30 am in the morning, I just returned from taking some video clips of real Thailand Monks collecting Alms in the morning. I think this type of Paparazzi invasion of a religion makes me vulnerable

I sit down to eat a couple bananas I snagged at the morning food market near Khao San Road and I see this Israel man standing about four steps behind the Islamic women and waiting patiently.

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Thursday, November 13, 2008
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I finished two bananas, and was watching this quiet interchange, finally the Israel man walked up to the counter. I think for a while I thought he was with the girl and waiting for her. I realized he was trying his best to be patient and polite. He just wanted to pay for the night and leave to go walk around, the Islamic women was incredibly slow.

I had one of my Betazoid moments, I could feel what he felt, and I was weak.

“I am trying to be polite; I am waiting for this religion that wants to commit genocide of my people. Can’t they see we are trying our best, please make room for me.”

--- They drop bombs into Israel and they are supposed to be tolerant, truly a patient culture.

I have recently been trying to figure out where manners lie, how manners work, who has manners. When I walk down the street the Thailand people and the majority of Foreigners refuse to share the sidewalk, it is if they are so wrapped up in their own world they do not know the rest of the world exist.

The Israel man was extremely polite, however, there is limit to tolerance, and I respected the man for his patience. There are not many races of people who can say the world tried to exterminate them…

I have little ways of finding good people quickly, one of them is when a person is willing to share the space, recognizes that there are other people around him or her and is willing to wait or sacrifice. This is rather simple to see when I walk down the sidewalk or road, some people move to the left or right and allow others to pass, while others walk straight as if the world was theirs and they have no reason to share it with the rest of the world.

It truly sucks being a Betazoid.

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Islam before Judaism