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Is GPRS Internet a Solution

2008-11-22 18:41:00

Is GPRS Internet a Solution
I left for the beach, confident that I had a truly wireless internet connection anywhere in Thailand. I use the GPRS connection offered by AIS - One Two Call Mobile Phone Company.

I wake up the other day at 6:00, use the internet for an hour and it stops; it does not work for another 24 hours until I discovered the problem.

Koh SiChang, Island Thailand
2-3 Hours Tribe by Bus South of Bangkok
Sunday, November 23, 2008
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Is GPRS Internet a Solution
or, is GPRS an endless bombardment of problems?

I finally turned off my phone, turned it back on, and it worked.

It would connect, however the data was extremely slow in uploading or downloading, it looked as though I had a connection. As best I am capable of explaining, the mobile phone works as a fragile modem, there are so many ways this connection can fail it is close to impossible to list them all, it is a maze of problems to solve. Definitely a problem child and not for prime time users, it is truly difficult to keep the connection working.

I Blog post almost daily, I miss very few days, there are very few travelers who Blog daily, and the reasons are numerous. However, I suspect the two big reasons are

1. They failed to find an internet connection.
2. It is not natural for them to write, Blogging is work, so they avoid it.

What is sad for me if the naturals, the ones who can pump out the words, they will become frustrated with a Travel Journal and give up. I will be happy when fourth generation of internet that works anywhere on the planet arrives.

First - Dial Up
Second - High Speed
Third - GPRS on Mobile Phone
(I am not counting the PCMIA Card you have to buy for 100-300 dollars this is not financially feasible for a traveler.)

Where is the Fourth Generation, I am ready?

No connection, frustrated, I pulled the computer out from under my bed and it was full of super small ants. I had it on my lap working and finally had to stop because of the ants, the problems of using a computer while traveling never end.

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Is GPRS Internet a Solution