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I Telephone Interviewed my First Person Today

2008-11-11 19:00:00

I Telephone Interviewed my First Person Today
I did a telephone interview of Ben Keene today, Editor of the Atlas of the World by Oxford Press early this morning, early night in the USA.

It was a nerve-wracking experience for me, as it was my first experience of doing an audio interview by telephone. Although, I have interviewed many people and taken notes, this is the first telephone-recorded one I have done with the intent of publishing the complete conversation.

I did a personal interview with Bjorn and put on Youtube.com of a Norwegian Expat who lives in the Philippines.

Learning the technical aspects, how to record, how to video, how to publish is a challenge, and then I have to remember to listen, keeping my verbal diarrhea minimized.

I am very excited to do Telephone interviews, this opens up the whole world to me, as I find interesting people, I can have a conversation and share our mutual experiences. All I need is a good Internet connection so I can use Skype.com.

I will soon be posting the conversation of Mr. Keene on the Blog to help people learn about the Atlas of the World.

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Wednesday, November 12, 2008
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I was excited to talk with Ben Keene; this will be my joy in doing interviews. It will allow me the great privilege of listening and learning from some truly interesting people on the planet.

This will be good fun and a great learning experience for readers and me.

I slice and dice my life, I do so many things in one day, and nothing impacts my day more than the conversations with the people of the planet. I would feel a great sense of triumph if I could feel that I introduced my family and friends to some of the truly interesting people on the planet.
How does one explain a conversation, how do I explain what it feels like to talk with person in the market in Mampong, Ghana?

If you want to be interviewed, or know of a person who needs to be interviewed, please contact me by clicking on this link. Contact Andy

If I get good at this, it will be good fun, I need to streamline the process so there is not technical problems. I hope to separate this off into another section of my site, because an interview is something different than just me explaining my world.

I Telephone Interviewed my First Person Today

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