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Hobo Goes Home for Thanksgiving

2008-11-10 01:42:00

Hobo Goes Home for Thanksgiving
I have purchased a one-way ticket with Delta Airlines from Bangkok, Thailand to Indianapolis, Indiana for 1038 U.S. Dollars.

Ouch, double the price of two to three years ago.

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Monday, November 10, 2008
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I will fly into the USA on the 26th of November and fly out on with to Guatemala on the 8th of December for 238 USD one-way.

I cannot be in the USA over 30 days per year or I have to pay Uncle Sam Taxes, if I stay out of the country 335 days, I can earn up to 80,000 USD and not pay taxes. In reality, I am only in country for about 20-25 days; I need to keep a few days open for an emergency need to return to the USA. I did hear that if I had residency in another country, I could actually be in the USA longer, this is just rumor and I do not know anyone who is actually utilizing residency in another country this way.

I will be in Guatemala, checking on Backpacks, thinking about building a Hostel and calling the USA on because I am in the same time zone.

Around say the 15th of January I am hoping to head south to Peru to go look for los menos civilizados near Pucallpa. I am tempted to say uncontested tribes, however the reality is it the lesser contacted tribes. The locals call them,
“Ellos sin ropa.”

I need high water for river travel in Peru.

Hobo Goes Home for Thanksgiving