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Deep Knee Bends as Travel Exercise

2008-11-10 18:51:00

Deep Knee Bends as Travel Exercise
I am constantly dwelling on how to exercise and travel, I came upon what I feel is the simplest of aerobic exercises.

The Deep Knee Bend

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
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I have been having a hip problem; my hip muscles have atrophied from lack of good movement. Yes, I walk a lot, however it just is not vigorous and not aerobic, it does not raise my heart rate.

Running is close to impossible, if not incredibly dangerous when traveling in the underdeveloped countries. Bikes are even more dangerous as they compete with drivers who just do not care. Any routine I develop is easily disrupted by moving to a new city.

I happened upon the deep knee bends as a good way to exercise my hip and legs, however what I did not realize this also could be very aerobic in nature.

I started with 20, and now am bouncing around at 50 and it provides a good stretch of the ankles and other muscles of the legs and back. I am excited knowing I can do this in any Hotel room on the planet.

Strange as it sounds, many years ago someone told me of the danger or doing deep knee bends, I now know of the danger to my health and body of not doing deep knee bends.

Truly this is the only aerobic exercise I have found that can be performed daily anywhere on the planet.

I found little information of value on the aerobic value of deep knee bends...

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The Deep Knee Bend

Deep Knee Bends as Travel Exercise