Chang Mai Bus Trip

Chang Mai Bus Trip
I paid 550 Baht for an overnight Thailand bus from Bangkok to Chang Mai, I suppose the trip took about 12 hours porthole to porthole, with a 100 Baht Taxi on each end. A nice Air Con Bus and a snack and bottle of water was included.

Chang Mai, Thailand
Sunday, November 2, 2008
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Therefore, for about 850 Baht, I am now in Chang Mai.

Plane versus Bus?

My theory is when the trip is more than six hours is when to think about a Plane, or at least give it a consideration. The bus system is so efficient in Thailand I cannot be bothered with all the crap involved with a Low Cost Carriers.

The weight limits on the cheap flights are too low for a trip inside of Thailand, I think I will always take buses, as there is no realized benefits for the planes. I have to make to many sacrifices, to save myself six hours of on my butt time.

Chang Mai Bus Trip

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