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Blog is the Wrong Word

2008-11-11 16:24:00

Blog is the Wrong Word
I have made over 4000 Blog entries in this online diary of sorts, I must have misread the instructions.

I thought a Blog was an online Log.

“A blog (a contraction of the term "Web log")”
- Wikipedia.org

“A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links.”
----- MarketingTerms.com (Funny, they put this in the right site.)
----- A Blog is more about Marketing and nothing about feeling or thoughts.

What is a Log?
“record of journey: a record of a journey made by a ship or aircraft, detailing all events, or the book in which it is kept”
- Encarta Encyclopedia Dictionary

I cannot find any Travel Logs, I can only find people who are writing Travel Articles.

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Blog of Andy HoboTraveler.com --- --- Travel Bag Design Survey --- Professional Traveler Bag

I know they spend hour if not days working on the perfect way to write something that is not authentic. I personally know I cannot learn much from staged writing, I need to hear the true story, the true feelings, the unedited version to know the person.

I feel bad doing a spell check or proofread, this is not me, this is a machine changing me. I make many spelling and grammatical problems, this is me, do you want to know me?

I think I should change the name, I do not write travel articles, I spend 15 minutes typing in my feeling and thoughts. If I wanted to write an online magazine, I would write articles.

I find writing my diary online interesting, it forces me to think more clearly, I have no desire to be too clear, this is not me, I am human. I often wonder if the world cares to hear the noise made of real humans, or do we now need a steady stream of promoters of self.

I truly enjoy putting all the links below, they help me, they reassure me that I am in a learning, that I am trying to understand my world.

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Blog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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What Is The Definition Of A Blog

Blog is the Wrong Word

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