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6 Videos on How to Fit a Backpack

2008-11-15 04:59:00

6 Videos on How to Fit a Backpack
I am going to do some Travel Bag Research in the near future, I discovered I needed to know how to fit a backpack, so I to start my reseach I collected 7 Videos on how to fit a backpack.

Please understand they are showing you how to go hiking or trekking in the mountains and this is really a different use for a bag than travel. To illustrate a point in the future I need to be able to compare a Hiking Backpack versus a Professional Travel Bag.

I am a Professional Traveler.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008
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The videos more or less separate into two aspects, of how to fit a backpack, the first is how to measure Torso so you can choose the proper harness and the second aspect is how to adjust.

What I notice, they used pretty much good body shapes, and did not really address fat, stumpy, or extremely tall people. There was no discussion of clothing, although the Sierra Trading Post guy did briefly talk about hot spots. The clothing under the pack can great affect the comfort, if a belt buckle is right below the hip harness it can eat into your skin, and so can elastic.

1. This person is maybe over all the best, this one is on how to measure the Torso.

2. Same guy showing how to adjust the backpack when on the body

3. Gregory Backpack, I believe he now how to do this well, and truly covers a lot in a short time. I wish he would have shown on himself as he is quite heavy.

4. Fast and quick, man shows compressions straps and how to bring the backpack closer to the back or center of gravity.

5. Backpacker Magazine Gear School on Torso Measurement.

6. Backpacker Magazine how to adjust or how to fit the Backpack.

Again, this information should be learned, however Traveling the planet is dynamic in nature, the obstacle you encounter by planes, trains, buses, taxis and the dusty road are different. Hiking is more or less one theme, while a true traveler carries various type of load according to the country and how they wish to travel.

I will say Europe is the most exercise and if you are going to get a Hiking Bag then take it to Europe, however my recommendation is to buy a two wheel cart.

Fitting is important, however choosing the proper size bag is 10 times more important for a traveler. The last thing I ever want to see is a traveler carrying two plastic bags and their pack. This is a failure of the gear shop to sell the proper bag to the person when this happens, they did not qualify the persons needs and uses of the bag.

6 Videos on How to Fit a Backpack

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