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2008-11-28 19:31:00

Beep The Horn Dad
I was in my parents car, returning from Indianapolis where 23 USA family members became larger. I asked Dad,
“Please honk the horn twice so I feel at home.”

I have been traveling so long, that when I am in quiet place like the USA it is uncomfortably quiet, chaos is normal, the USA is abnormal.

Orland, Indiana
Friday, November 28, 2008
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Just an hour before I was standing in front of the Comfort Inn. While I was waiting for my 75-76 year old parents to find their way out of the Hotel. Another older couple exits the Hotel and before I can turn around they say,
“Good Morning, how are you?”

What planet am I on? This is not planet earth I know. Oh yes, I am in the USA; I am in Indiana, a true island of hospitality on planet earth.

I fumbled around with the older couple, finally coughed up and said,
“Fine, thank you, Happy Thanksgiving”

I do hope the USA citizens are thankful, because they really should thank the good Gods for being a lucky sperm to be born in the USA.

Beep The Horn Dad