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2008 November 26 Enter USA

2008-11-27 00:29:00

2008 November 26 Enter USA
I left from the Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand on November 26, at 01:35 am with Korean Air Lines KE 654 in partners with Delta Airline Flight number 7918.

I arrived in Indianapolis, Indiana USA at 1:55 pm, 13:55 hours.

It too funny, there are many reports the airport was close, all flights were cancelled and I personally flew out about 5 hours after the all flights were cancelled.

Who is lying?

Indianapolis, Indiana
Comfort Inn close to my Nephew Robert House
Thursday, November 27, 2008
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The airport is lying.
The press is lying.
The people of Thailand are lying.

If have learned one thing in the last 10 years of perpetual travel, never believe anything coming from the Journalist of the Planet. I have become jaded, growing up in the State of Indiana in a small town, and I have learned the outside world will lie with no remorse for the smallest of reasons and sadly nobody cares.

The worst part is somehow the press is considered reputable and trustworthy; they are not to be trusted under any condition.

A friend of mine gave me advice when I was 20 years old,
“Never trust anyone who can make money by giving you bad advice.”
(Benefits are often many layers away...)

On the stupid Airport and Thailand situation, if you truly analyze this almost all parties to the problems benefited from lying. Reality is different; however, in this world reality has little value to the mass of humans.

An honest politician, and honest person can say the truth, and the world will not believe it because the press reported different. I trust politicians more than the press.

2008 November 26 Enter USA