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Where to Go and What to Do

2008-10-10 18:09:00

Where to Go and What to Do
I know I am not the only fish in the sea, however for the last week I have been in a constant state of confusion. I think the economic situation is telling me I should be more conservative.

However, what is conservative?

I have a job; I manage two large travel websites, and .

Here is a funny story, I told Jeroen my travel agent in Bangkok, Thailand.
“I am worried about my business.”
He said,
“What business?”

He does not see that I work, as I am always just walking around and talking, planning trips, not really do much work and he is correct.

Thammasat University Rangsit, Thailand
Saturday, October 11, 2008
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I remember in 2000 when everyone was predicting some problems with the computers over the number change, I knew this had nothing to do with my business and was not worried.

The Global Economic situation is going to affect my life, however, for me it is weird, it is possible the majority of situations are better. On the other hand, worry is contagious and I am worried. I am extremely conservative person with money, I am not a gambler.


1. I am going to hear sad stories.

2. I feel a need to control my cost of travel better, I feel a need to watch my budget closer, and this will make me take safer trips, closer to the mainstream cheap tourist places. (I just was in Japan and South Korea; they reminded me just how expensive travel can be in the developed countries.)

3. Maybe I should cancel my ideas of going towards Australia and New Zealand where it is expensive and try to stay only in the underdeveloped countries.


1. Price of Hotels will go down because of fewer tourists.

2. Price of Oil has been dropping so transportation cost will stabilize or even get cheaper.

3. Exchange rate of the dollar is improving, therefore my money goes farther.

4. Less Travelers, easier to find rooms, easier to walk in streets.

5. There will be fewer tourists and more travelers, the conversation should improve and the quality of life will be better.

6. If I wish to buy a Sailboat, it may be a buyers market.


1. Less people out buying consumer items and maybe they will be in the house surfing on my sites, therefore I make more money.

2 . Hotels will use more because they wish to Hotels advertise Hotels for free.

3. More PHP Coders available for work, I can hire them easier and they will stay loyal better.

4. We are planning to offer free booking service, no commission whatsoever on If I can ramp this up faster, we could.

5. If I am more conservative in my travels, travel on a cheaper budget, I should be able to save more money for rainy days.

6. If I wished to buy land to start a Hotel or Hostel the price of real estate is becoming cheaper.


1. Google’s stock investors may want more money, therefore Google may increase their take or percentage they earn, and I will earn less.

2. If I tried to sell Backpacks it could be a slow market.

I suppose I could labor over this list for hours, anyway I do it, it appears to me that this Global Economic situation is going to be better for me.

However, negative feelings and thought rub off, I want the world to be happy and prosperous.

Life is Good.

Where to Go and What to Do