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USA Man Wants Wife or Girlfriend

2008-10-09 05:17:00

USA Man Wants Wife or Girlfriend
A reader wrote and asked in a serious manner how to find a women for a pretty and nice women for serious relationship.

Thammasat University Rangsit, Thailand
Thursday, October 9, 2008
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I hope all is well.

When you have a moment, I would appreciate your advice. What city/country would you recommend that a man from the US travel to who would like to meet a women for a relationship or possible marriage? I am not interested in a P- (Boom Boom Girls) but would like to meet a pretty & nice woman from another country for a long term relationship. I guess what I am asking is - in terms of convenience of travel, overall beauty of the women & how much they like Caucasian men from the US - what would be a few of your recommendations? I am not well traveled and only speak English.

Thanks so much for any advice.



I do not like to answer these questions privately as I am positive there are millions of men in the USA who want a wife, or a replacement. I was baffled by the word “convenient,” however; I suppose it makes sense in a way; however, no relationship is convenient, they take work.


1. Colombia - Bogota
2. Peru - Aeroquipa
3. Brazil - ?

1. Philippines - Outside of the big cities.
2. Thailand - Difficult, very difficult, in small village.

1. Ghana - Small villages

? Is Russia convenient, I would think not…

Are their nice girls in big cities, hedge your bets, easier to find nice girls in small villages on planet earth, they are softer, nicer and more family orientated, while the city ones are more opportunistic.

I have no idea on China, never heard much about this country, and for sure your English is gong to hurt. None in Central America or Mexico, I do not know of any Middle East countries, I am told Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya are crazy for Caucasian men.

In my mind the easiest place for a USA man to meet girls on the planet is the Philippines and he only one that speak English, however for sure a person would need lesson in how to avoid the P- (Boom Boom Girls) also.

Note, anywhere on the planet, put a USA flag on your bag, that gives the girls some help.

Note, if you go into bars as a USA citizen in many countries, I am sure you can meet some bad girls. I do not drink alcohol and do not go to bars; however, I see what the boys drag home.

In a way, this is not about how to meet nice girls; you need to learn how to avoid the naughty ones who see you as a walking dollar bill. First and always, do not spend large if you want to meet nice girls, just enough to prove you can support them in a decent manner.

USA Man Wants Wife or Girlfriend

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