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Turning Fortunes into Shoestrings

2008-10-03 16:16:00

Turning Fortunes into Shoestrings
I travel on a Shoestring Budget, and there are people who turn shoestring budgets into fortunes. I am sad to listen to anyone talk about investing the stock market, as I believe it can take a life savings or a fortune and turn it back into a shoestring.

I have studied the stock market for years, however as an intellectual game and challenge. I one time played a game called the “National Investment Challenge.”

Fukuoka, Japan
Saturday, October 4, 2008
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I did well in this game, second in my state and 52nd in the nation; it taught me a lot about the stock market.

A few things I believe 100 percent to be true.

1. The reasons given on television why the stock market went up or down is crap, they have no idea, they are reporters, you should never listen to them it is really silly noise.

There are two major groups of investors.
a. Institutions like Insurance Companies, Pension funs that are big money.
b. Individual or the one person who uses something like Schwab investments

2. Institutional investors sell when there is good news.

3. Small investors buy when there is good news.

4. Investors in the stock market never admit they lost money, therefore the opinions are skewed, you will only hear your friends tell you about how they made money. It is like Vegas; people will come home and tell you how they beat the Casino giving hope to another silly person.

I tend to believe the Institutional investors make all their money from taking the small persons fortune by turning it into a shoestring.

You can beat the Stock Market, you can make a fortune, however the odds are extremely low and you do have to be a special person. If the majority of people knew how to do this, the majority would be rich.

I am now wondering what will happen on Monday after the small investors have time to think. There was good new about the bailout, I now suspect on Monday stocks will go down as the institutional investors try to dump their losers to the small investors. Presently even the small investors are not as silly as before, they know the whole market is taking a beating.

Fun stuff, and truly a dangerous way to live, investing in the Casino called the Stock Market.

Turning Fortunes into Shoestrings

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