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Traveler Beware of Money Leaks

2008-10-30 05:50:00

Traveler Beware of Money Leaks
There are money leaks in the budget of travelers, a slow seepage of money out of your pocket and onto the ground.

I can always tell the people with the biggest holes in their pockets, they say comments like,
“It was so cheap compared to home; the price is not a big deal.”

This person will be returning home soon.

Bangkok, Thailand
Thursday, October 30, 2008
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I purchase these room supplies when I thought I was moving into one apartment for 5500 Baht per month. The deal fell through and I left all these items in the room, I deserted them.

2 Pillows 100 Baht
1 Broom 30
Water 40
1 Funky Pillow 100
Vegetables 30

Total 300 Baht or 8.61 USD

Eight Dollars, which is a huge amount of money to lose…

I know this is not much money, trust me I do know, I owned a 24-foot sailboat in the USA, however in Thailand it is one days wages.

The world is suffering economic problems; I believe culturally the world had slowly adopted a splurge mentality.
“I have the money, so why not.”

I went to dinner last night at Subway; I ate a Chicken Sub with some cheese, lettuce, and other condiments. Every day of the week Subway has a special on one type of sub, the price is 69 Baht or just over two dollars.

The regular price is about 140 Baht or double the cost.

Would you eat the 69 Baht or the 140 Baht, which is the difference between a person that can stay on a budget and person who needs to work by the sweat of their brow.

My friend Walt would say,
“If you seen a penny on the ground, would you stop to pick it up?”

The big holes are easy to patch, the little ones sinks the ship.

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Traveler Beware of Money Leaks