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Eric of wrote me a few weeks ago and asked if he could interview me, I said,
“Yes, providing you do not make me write ton of answers to a questionnaire.”

Eric was great, he did not flinch, he agreed we could talk by telephone on Skype and he would write the article.

Thammasat University Rangsit, Thailand
Sunday, October 12, 2008
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I have no problem answering questions over the telephone, however I type enough and write enough daily for fun, I do not wish to type for work. I do not consider writing answers to questions fun. Therefore, I tend to never get around to completing their questions and somewhat hope they forget about me.

He wrote an interesting and article, fun and happy, Eric has a good style.
Earn $5 a Day? You Can Travel Forever

I remember the day when I made 5 Dollars in one day; it was truly an exciting day. I had been living on about 5-10-15 dollar per day for a few years. I knew that I could hang out many countries on 5 dollars per day and be very happy for years to come.

However, what I also knew was, that the 5 Dollars per day would cover my overhead until I could make 10, 20 or more. I knew I needed time to work on the sites, and 5 dollars was the amount of money that could guarantee I never needed to stop traveling.

I could easily be a perpetual traveler and today, thanks to the first 5 dollars from Google Adsense,

“I be Andy of, the perpetual Traveler.”

With no worries of ever needing to stop...

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If you know of more, please send, they do not tell me when they write, I normally must discover by accident. Interview