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Travel to Where the Dollar is Strong

2008-10-09 20:09:00

Travel to Where the Dollar is Strong
The U.S. Dollars buys me more Thailand Baht today, just 1 or 2 more for a Dollar, therefore it cost a wee bit less to for me to live in Thailand.

I was in Mexico one time when the exchange rate went from 12 to 24 in one day.

I was in Ecuador when the exchange rate of Sucres made the cost of a Hotel room one dollar per day.

I was in Bolivia when the Argentina money collapsed, and this way over priced country became reasonable.

I am always trying to figure out a way to find these countries easy, without a fuss., I for sure cannot be bothered to do this daily.

Thammasat University Rangsit, Thailand
Friday, October 10, 2008
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I do not wish the money of a country to collapse, however when it does, I do know it is a great time to go and visit the country. I have my eyes on Iceland, maybe it is a good time to go to Iceland. I truly do not know how to monitor money over time EASILY. I guess I would need is a page where it showed a graph and compared world currencies to the dollar, then a Google Alert when something changes 30 percent.

The exchange rate up 10 percent, down 10 percent is not a reason to avoid or visit a country. However when the exchange rate changes by 50 percent, then time to go and see the place. This process can transform an ok country into a fun country. Look at Argentina, few backpackers went there before the collapse, now it is the trendy country to visit.

I was there before the crash, I remember walking up to a French Girl in this huge bus station in Buenos Aires and I asked,
“Have you seen anyone?”
She said,
“Nobody, you are the first foreigner I have seen in weeks.”

Now the place has been transformed after this correction in their currency from a highly overpriced country into the place to be, if I know Lationos, they will take a correction and install some errors again, so the cycle can repeat itself.

Travel to Where the Dollar is Strong

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