Travel Budget and Expensive Rooms

Travel Budget and Expensive Rooms
I do not use a credit card or debit card to pay for travel expenses, I go the Bank Machines or ATM and withdraw money to pay cash for expenses.

It is normal for me to live in rooms that cost approximately 10 dollars per day. I have had the unfortunate experience of paying 25 dollar per night for rooms in the last couple of months.

My ATM system would not work very well if I stayed in room over 50 dollars per day, I would not be able to extract money fast enough from the Machines.

I always stayed in the cheap rooms to save money, now I know I need to stay in the cheap rooms for security reasons.

Fukuoka, Japan
Saturday, October 4, 2008
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I consider using credit cards or debit cards to pay for restaurants, shopping, or the hotel room as lunacy. I only will trust an ATM machine, and I am not sure I trust them.

If I had one problem on my debit card and needed to clear it up with the company, I would be S--hit out of luck. Coordinating any type of bank transactions while overseas is such a burden that the only easy solution is to cancel the card. Then what do I do for money, I cannot afford even the smallest of transaction problems, it is a calamity.

My friend just asks me if I knew how many times he had a problem with payments on the card because of travel.
He said,
“One time.”

What can I say,
“I have zero.”
And I have traveler continuously for over 10 years.

I have lost cards, ATM machines have eaten cards, and I have had problem with my Hosting Company over billings. However, I never use the card in a restaurant, therefore I never have problems. I know one thing, credit cards cause problems, cash is good, cash always works.

I am never sure of what type of logic or reasoning to call this, however I know if I use a system that excludes restaurants, hotels, and shopping I go down to zero level of fraudulent transactions on my cards.

I do enjoy listening to people who have problems; they walk around in a semi-panic for days, trying to call their bank, trying to find a telephone, trying to find money. I have met many people with this problem on my journey. I enjoy listening to a person tell me they has problems, I know my system works, and I have the pride of knowing it works.

I on the other hand believe if I wanted to stay 100 dollar per night Hotels, my system would not work. I have zero desire to stay in 100 per night hotels so I am safe.

This post is trying to explain to the people who want to travel the planet a concept about budgets, it is not for a two-week vacation person, we know you are going to use your card and solve the problems when you go home. Although I still see using a card in a restaurant on the other side of the planet as lunacy.

Travel Budget and Expensive Rooms

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