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The New Global Anger

2008-10-16 16:47:00

The New Global Anger
I have been noticing a move from innocence to anger in the last few years of my travels. I believe education and knowledge has created a generation of angry people who are looking for a reason to be angry.

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Friday, October 17, 2008
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If you disturb a sleeping dog, it may get angry. I have been observing the new “Electronics Generation” and I do not like what I see.

I am going to blame this anger on Education.

I am going to blame this anger on Knowledge.

In the last ten years their has been an explosion in knowledge of the world and access by the inhabitants of the planet.

We have a generation of over stimulated primates who now are a bunch of “Know it alls.”

As I have observed the planet earth in my travels, there are some universal global behaviors that leads people to become arrogant and angry when

1. They have a lot of money.
2. They have a lot of knowledge.
3. They believe they have a lot of knowledge.
4. They have a mobile phone in their hand.
5. They have a computer.
6. They have a title or label.

The majority of people on the planet now think they are intelligent. This leads them all to believe that other should listen to their opinion and when the people around do not listen to their opinion, and subsequently following their advice the become angry.

It is as if everyone is waiting for someone to disagree so they can end the friendships, have a fit of anger and just try to demand control.

I notice this on this Blog, I daily moderate and delete comments that are angry and argumentative. My job is to give an opinion, this is my journal, it is a daily diary of sorts, and this is 100 percent opinions.

Why do people get angry when they read an opinion?

How can I blog without giving an opinion, it not possible.

I have a few personal experiences on the planet that very few people in their lives have the opportunity to experience. I am one of the most globally traveled persons on the planet, however I can write about some rare situation in a small corner of the planet and I will have some person say,
“You do not know what you are talking about.”

I have spent about one year in West Africa, and I will have people who have never even left the USA tell me I know nothing about Africa.

I have people who have never been to Iraq; tell me about Iraq as if I know nothing about the country.

When reading and the internet, this virtual travel experience becomes so empowering that people believe it can replace real life experience I am sad. It is baffling to me to think that a people that have barely left their computer or home can feel so audaciously powerful.

The world is becoming a place full of know it alls, who spend their whole time behind a computer and believe they know something. If there is one think I know in life, going to a country is more powerful than reading about a country.

Why are people looking for arguments, do they all want to get divorced, sit in a room alone and stare at a stupid computer.

The New Global Anger