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The Growing Productivity Divide

2008-10-09 20:33:00

The Growing Productivity Divide
Can you competed in today world as an executive who where a suit?

Here is a simple quiz from Seth Godin who publishes short inspiration articles daily to the internet.

Can you compete Survey

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Friday, October 10, 2008
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Note, I do not wish to call Seth Godin’s articles a Blog. He does not write a log of his daily thoughts. I see them more as good short articles written to make money and promote his books. I do wish Blog where really logs of peoples lives, then maybe I could learn how he evolved into the man he is today, who is quite interesting.

Articles are written to explain what we feel we know in life, while a log is what we are thinking about. There is no way in this lifetime I am going to do tons of research to journalize or write a diary.

This may sound strange, however I do get tired of Bloggers writing is active voice, when they should be more passive.

I have been adding the links to the bottom of my Blog because I found a way to do this that is incredibly easy.

The Growing Productivity Divide