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Thailand Says USA has Hamburger Problem

2008-10-16 07:41:00

Thailand Says USA has Hamburger Problem
Too funny, I was jabbering away with a Thailand girl, commenting on the economic problem in the USA, and she said,
“We say you have a Hamburger problem.”

As best I can understand Thailand had some economic problems in 1997, which some people called the
“Tom Yam Kung Crisis.”

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Thursday, October 16, 2008
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Tom Yam Kung is a typical food of Thailand, and the world defines the USA by the Hamburger.

This is a bowl of Tom Yam Kung, I would say it some type of Shrimp Soup with a lot of hard to eat vegetables.

The same day I learned about Tom Yam Kung, I also met a dog by the same name. Meet,
“Tom Yam Kung” the dog.

I guess the USA is having a Hamburger Economic Problem and the whole world has started to eat Hamburger.

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Thailand Says USA has Hamburger Problem