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Thailand Best Value for Christmas 2008

2008-10-16 19:53:00

Thailand Best Value for Christmas 2008
Thailand is has had a Military Coup, protesters being killed, and now a fight with Cambodia.

Providing the King does not die, I would say Thailand is queued up to be one of the best tourst places to visit on the planet this winter Christmas Snow bird season.

If you wanted to travel to Thailand, I would say now is the time.
(Providing the King does not die.)

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Friday, October 17, 2008
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Even though these problems seem bad, these problems and the doubling of the price of jet fuel has made Thailand a great place. Less crazy tourist, less tattoos, less dreads, less of every type of pervert on the planet, revealing the true beauty of this country almost always wrapped in tourist.

A person can actually get rooms, walk in peace and quiet in a nation with some of the best Island Paradises on the planet.

Too many tourist can destroy a country, and right now tourist are at an all time low, so I would say, Thailand is the place to be, before CNN and BBC stops making this look like doomsday you may want to be here.

I truly have trouble finding a protest; nothing can be seen unless you go looking for a problem.

Thailand Best Value for Christmas 2008