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Thailand Apartment for 50 Dollars Per Month

2008-10-13 17:23:00

Thailand Apartment for 50 Dollars Per Month
I have found an area close to Thammasat University where there are many apartments for rent from 1500 to 2500 Baht per month.

1,700.00 THB = 49.8925 USD

This room is good and better than any room I have stayed in on Khao San Road; it is the same as a large Hotel room.

Thammasat University Rangsit, Thailand
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
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There are many price levels of apartments in Thailand; here is my guesstimate of price ranges.

All listed in Thailand Baht, one dollar is about 33-34 Baht.

1. 7000 and up is the life of leisure income class
2. 2000-7000 above average income
3. 1000-2000 normal Joe Workman with a nice concrete room.
4. Under 1000 either squatter or a little packed in lifestyle.

My guess is about 90 percent of people live in the number 3-4 or in the apartments that cost less than 2000 Baht per month.

Thailand is my base where I purchase plane tickets and plan trips to other parts of the planet. I also need an address outside the USA to use for Tax purposes, the one I had in the Philippines is not working correct. I could also use a storage location, so I can have supplies for funky trips.

As I am speculating today, the cost of renting this apartment for one year is 600 Dollars, and in addition, I have to pay for electricity and water.

I am able to rent for only three months, I need to pay 5100 Baht to move into the Apartment, and then I would need to buy a bed and other small things that are in a normal Hotel room.

I have been debating on Air Conditioning, it is often more or a problem than an asset. I like Air Con when everything is perfect, however it is never perfect, there is tons of noise, the going in and out of air-conditioned room is uncomfortable. The rooms I looked at all have small balconies and front walking area with a rail. The build these building that go up to six floors with no elevator.

What always stops me from getting the cheapest rooms is the internet, today with these two internet pages, and, I need internet to manage them. I do not need internet to Blog, this Blog is the easiest thing I do in my life, I suppose each post takes me from 15 to 30 minutes to type, something I do in my spare time when I have a extra time, or when I am watching Television.

I believe the apartment would have a Television cable connection included that would allow me up to 40 something stations.

I have been trying to figure out if I want to use the AIS GPRS Internet connection, or if I can have internet installed. I was told about a DTAC Edvo system, however all of this is incredibly difficult to figure out because I must go to the offices and ask questions. I cannot talk on the telephone because the English is too difficult, the only way to do this simple and correct is to go the offices and ask about Internet connections.

I want all the utilities whereby I can turn them on and off, whereby I can stop all expenses except for rent if I was gone, which can be for months on end.

I would have a place to store a few things and I would be able to rent the room out to friends if I wanted too.

Location, this is the real issue, there is real life and there is vacation life, the average person who travels wants endless vacation. They do not know this, but the reality is the average person who says they are traveling the planet wants to go on an endless party vacation that never ends. This is not real life, this is vacation life, and for sure, it is not truly travel.

Many people who say they are traveling are really doing just what I am discussing right now; they rent an apartment in another country and call it travel. I think I can save a lot of money by renting an apartment in Thailand and not have to spend all my time searching for something that works as a temporary base as I come and go from Thailand.

There is setup time in any new Hotel room I enter, I have to arrange the lights, the clothesline, and I must figure out where the shopping is done, internet, laundry, and endless list of daily needs that need to be met, I call this setting up my Traveler Nest.

The problem with a Traveler Nest is there is always a couple of things missing, presently in the great room where I am located, the laundry are difficult, and I need to walk a long way to eat. The internet is great, the rooms are large, however there are few people to talk with, and it gets boring.

Truthfully, the room is the easy part; the other periphery things around the room are what are difficult.

I do not work much, I am more retired than most people I meet who say they are retired; I have an over-abundance of time to just walk around and look at people and places. I do not get excited and take on some huge project where I need to say,
“I am busy.”

I think those three words coming out of a persons mouth tells me they are out of control. I know the outside forces around the person are making them live a reactive rather than proactive lifestyle. They have lost control of their time and their lives, and are hopelessly caught in a hamster treadmill inside their cage.

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