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Surfing Site with Adblock.org Plus

2008-10-01 14:49:00

Surfing Site with Adblock.org Plus
A reader made a humorous comment saying,
I'm surfing your site without ads using "adblock plus"
(On State of the Union)

I found this genuinely interesting, I have no desire to stop advertisements when I surf, however it is amusing to try to empathize or understand the people who do wish to stop advertisements.

Hmm, I feel a sense of darkness, a deep vast black area.. hehehe

Fukuoka, Japan
Thursday, October 2, 2008
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I remember 10 years ago in Mexico, I allowed a girl from England to use my computer to check her emails. She used Hotmail.com which is free to use, however suddenly she became angry,
“Why are their advertisements on my email page?”

I tried my best to explain,
“Hotmail is FREE, they give you free use of email that is paid for by advertisements, and you do not need to click on them.”

“Without the advertisements, you would need to pay for your email.“
In addition, I proceeded to tell her a couple of ways to buy emails service, knowing well that this person wanted something for nothing.

Surfing Site with Adblock.org Plus

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