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Retirement Too much Extra Time

Retirement Too much Extra Time

"Retiring is easy. Then comes the hard part -- staying that way. "
- BILL WARD, Star Tribune

I have a problem, I started to read a Tom Clancy book and three weeks later, I am still reading the same book. I finally gave up on the book and purchased a used Robert Ludlum book.

What a great problem.

Bangkok, Thailand
Sunday, October 26, 2008
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The days can be long; being a perpetual traveler is the same as being retired. There is too much extra time. I read books to occupy my extra time, learn about other places and just drift away. I truly could not imagine traveling without books, however recently I realized one bad book could make time come to a stop. I normally love Tom Clancy book, however I believe now that he works with other writers to write the books they have lost some edge.

I am amusing myself today, trying to learn from Retired people, what they do with their extra time. I have been off into google search world, pulling on that never ending thread.

Funny, most of the pages explain how to get part time jobs; it is difficult to find pages on how to stay retired. Truly the page were of little value, the majority of writers just revert into some type of daily todo list make the person have a "New Job,"

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."
.... yourself

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Retirement Too much Extra Time