Retirement Nest Egg

Retirement Nest Egg
Traveling is great, life is good, but there is also times when people must deal with reality. I am more retired than people who say they are retired, I have to admit, and I make hanging around and doing nothing a form of Art.

However, I know my Mother is annoyed when I do not put up funky travel photos.

Why is there less, why are my blog post boring?

I am working on my Nest Egg Retirement project, ( but more important, I need a big pile of cash to go to Africa again and to the Amazon River to hunt for un-contacted tribes.

Bangkok, Thailand
Wednesday, October 29, 2008
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I will soon return to the same time zone as the USA, I will go to Guatemala and Peru. I need to work on my Retirement Nest Egg and make some telephone calls without people returning calls at 4:00 am in the morning and 2:00 pm U.S. time.

In reality all this work is to make my blog post more interesting, I want to increase my monthly income to a point that I do not cringe when I think of expensive places like Europe or radical off he electrical grid places like some parts of Africa and the Amazon River.

I know, the farther I go off the grid, the more expensive it becomes to get there.

I also know the more the country is developed and boring, the more I must pay to be happy.

Middle ground is countries like Thailand, Philippines, Guatemala, Peru etc, and in these life is easy.

Retirement Nest Egg

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