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PHP Developers from India

2008-10-04 18:08:00

PHP Developers from India
I have many lives, and one of them has become a sociology study of the country of India and how they search for IT Jobs.
IT - Information Technology.

We are in the process of hiring 4-10 workers from India.

Fukuoka, Japan
Saturday, October 4, 2008
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How do workers in India search for IT jobs?
I experience this in two ways daily on my sites.

1. India workers apply for jobs daily with HoboTraveler.com.
PHP Developer Jobs

2. India workers write the Embassy Forum page on HoboTraveler.com wanting to know if jobs are real.
India Embassy Questions and Answers

The India Embassy page is sad; workers from India are being scammed by fraudulent employers who make them pay fees to apply for jobs that do not exist.

HoboTraveler.com and is a business, I have never hidden this fact, I have for 10-12 years stated,
“I make webpage to earn money for travel.”

I blog to make money, I write newsletters to make money, the primary motivation of doing anything on the internet is money. Over time I have developed a secondary motivation to Blog, I like to Journalize, I find it relaxing and develops my ability for introspection and empathy.

Because HoboTraveler.com and HoboHideOut.com are business ventures, we search for employees, the same as other company, just the other day I start to say to a company,
“We outsource Coder Jobs to India.”
I then realized, I live outside the USA, I am not outsourcing jobs, I am hiring from the country where I get the most value for the money invested.

I said India IT worker are my small sociology study. I also need to study myself, plus I read and study other groups, I try to understand why Microsoft, Apple, Dell and other computer associated businesses use India for IT Jobs. I attempt to understand why they outsource to India jobs and why they have problems with India and what are the benefits.

A gentlemen from England I met in South Korea was in charge of 12 Indian workers while employed at Cisco Systems. He was not impressed, and seems to be saying that India workers were a headache. He said in a few breaths of conversation a list of clear and concise problems with India workers.

There is a problem here with this list; it is natural to focus on problems with workers, because we also search for solutions. However, I did forgot to ask him what the benefits were.

I think the term for the benefits of India workers needed here may be
“Wage Rate Arbitrage.” or
“Labor Arbitrage.”
- Special Thanks to Gary G. for telling me what I was thinking about and giving me a term or label.


1. Steal copyrighted code from other sites and pretend it is their own.

2. Are not innovative

3. Poor Communication skills or bad English

4. Quality of work was poor

5. Time Difference.

6. Clients try to sabotage because they do not want Indian workers

7. Could not get to know them, was difficult to develop personal relationship whereby he could understand their motivations.

8. When working as a company, a small group would quit and try to go and undercut their former boss.

9. Could not adhere to deadlines

10. Openly try to use morally incorrect procedures, not even hiding the fact that these methods could be considered unethical.


1. Cheap salary, about 5-15 times cheaper than the cost of a USA worker. Starting from 400-800 per month as a salary.

2. Employee loyalty, if an India worker earns 1200 US per month while living inside India, they would have trouble finding a better job and leaving your employ.

3. Good manners, and try to please.

4. They try to do the job without complaints on why or endless questions.

5. They will work 24 hours on a project if there is a need.

6. Criticism of their work tends to make them try harder.

7. The job you give them is their dream job, so you truly do help a worker to achieve one of their dreams and they are appreciative.

Generally, in my opinion, it is very difficult to work with an India person unless you have lived and traveled in India for a few months and understand their culture. The essential jobs of a business organization should not be sent to India or offshore until you have worked with a person for at least one year.

A few things I have learned.

1. Do not hire a company, hire one person and make this person completely responsible for a task, no sharing of responsibility with a team.

2. Require them to give daily reports of what they finished, in long sentences.

3. Do not try to discuss problems on the telephone, if you need to talk, go to India and talk.

4. When hiring, call them up with Skype.com to see if they can speak adequate English before hiring them

5. Compliment them often, and keep telling them to do whatever they think is best, tell them to be creative. India work culture does not encourage this, so you must give them permission.

6. Do not give them deadlines, this is rather hopeless.

7. Realize the job is not going to be done good the first time, you are going to need to tell them to go back and do better three to four times.

8. Be their friend, not their boss, the boss / employee relationship in India is true problem; do not make this only business or you will fail for sure.

9. Make them be on chat, whether Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk during the hours they are to be working.

10. Remember, you do not need to rush them, you are not paying you are not paying 30 dollar per hour, you can afford to allow them to goof off, allow them freedom to think, they must feel you are encouraging them to a person, not a worker.

11. Teach them about USA working standards, they want to be the best.

Is India an advanced IT country, my answer would be no, but they have close to a billion people, and they want to study engineering and computers. The USA citizens consider these jobs unfashionable, while the country of India sees this as their ticket to the good life.

I enjoy this intriguing sociology and I enjoy the experience greatly, I find the mind of techies from the USA and the world to be a strange beast. There is nothing normal about a mind that wishes to deal with computer code all day; this is a completely new type of worker for the world. The traditional work models of brick and mortar companies may fail.

The Dot.com failure was in my opinion was not about a failure to make internet pages; it was a failure to see that the internet is not a brick and mortar business. They spent all their money on brick and motor when there was no need.

The internet is about a brain typing into a computer, creating information that is incredibly valuable, however incredibly cheap to distribute.

HoboTraveler.com and HoboHideOut.com are truly a business model of a “Business without Borders.”

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PHP Developers from India

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