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Photography as a Predatory Sport

Photography as a Predatory Sport
I have a rather simple Fuji Finepix Camera, I have been thinking for years about getting one of them huge Canon or Nikon Cameras.

I am having second thoughts…

Maybe this is like using a Machine Gun to Hunt Rabbits.

Bangkok, Thailand
Wednesday, October 29, 2008
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I am aware that sometime a person needs a Machine Gun powerful camera, for instance when I was in Puerto Escondido watching the surfers, I realized photo only worked well with a tripod and large zoom lens.

However, 99 percent of photo can be taken well if I have good hunting skills and I know my weapon.

The Fuji Camera I am using now has a random trigger problem. According to the charge of the battery and how long I allow it to power up and realize the photo the photos vary in quality. I am not happy about this, I know my gun is faulty; however there is sport in knowing this. I know I must take into consideration more variables than when I had my prior Sony 10X zoom Camera.

There is fun in getting the shot because my camera is faulty, I must truly know my weapon better.

I often put up poor quality photo on this Blog, I guess I admit, there are times where I just wing my game, and I do not shoot them between the eyes.

What stops me about the pro version of cameras is the size, it really is hard to sneak up and take a photo of the human animal when you pull out a Machine Gun.

Manners, a perosn really needs to have no manners to take great people photos or a very large zoom lens, ergo one excellent reason for a big camera.

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Photography as a Predatory Sport