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Palin versus Biden Debate

2008-10-02 18:27:00

Palin versus Biden Debate
Old man versus Women, as best I can tell, the American man has no chance, women are the smarter sex on Planet Earth.

This is truly a city boy versus country girl fight.

Alaska versus Deleware, Go Palin!

Fukuoka, Japan
Friday, October 3, 2008
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I truly am going to enjoy this debate; I 100 percent feel and see an overlay of sexism in the USA press coverage. I am from the State of Indiana; there is a natural propensity for bigger states like New York to think Indiana people are not as wise or sophisticated, they are trying to say that Alaska is not up to snuff.

I would say generally, when it comes to be street savvy, maybe as conniving Wall Street crooks, we fail. However, there is no way you can just groups minds together, there is this groupthink that somehow puts a lesser value on the State of Alaska, somehow them Eskimos up there in Alaska are stupid.

Imagine a City Boy from Washington fighting an Alaskan Eskimo.

Then the men, oooh, la la, I am positive men are stupid compared to women, anyway I see it, women control the planet. I am just hoping they never realize this or I will be towing the line for the rest of my life.

Obama is a black man, hehehe, everyone has gloves off on this issue which is racism at it heart, he is not being evaluated at a black man running for President and how that will effect his decisions. I truly believe Obama will play the race card before this is done.

I on the other hand think… then ask the question, who would be better?

Biden or Palin, Palin or Biden, who would be a better President, I think Biden would be better than Obama, I think McCain is a little old for the job, I found Biden to be 65, and older looking, however young enough to be President. Palin and Obama are young enough to keep the brains cells working fast enough to learn.

Do I want Palin for President, I am not sure, however I do feel she will win the Hearts and Minds of the nation a lot faster than some Washington Insider.

The press is always naïve in their judgments, they tend to think intellectually or liberal, they do not know Main Street. Main Street wants to hear words they trust, not words that make sense. They do not wish for great speeches, they want humility.

Sitting here in a Japanese Hostel looking in at the USA, this is the first debate in my life I wanted to see.

This is the first time

Man against Women Debate on Planet Earth, the playing field is level and the audience is balanced, public opinion will see women for the first time in the USA as a contender. I see this as a great moment in the history of the Democratic World.

This is real, if Obama got assasinated, or McCain died, who would be leader of the free world?

I want to vote for Warren Buffet.

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Palin versus Biden Debate

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