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Off My Travel Path of Dreams

2008-10-03 00:58:00

Off My Travel Path of Dreams
I never thought about it much, however Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan has forced me to think about what I like about travel.

I am sitting here in Japan, what feels to be the most advanced, developed and rich of the three countries searching my soul, trying to decide what I feel.

Fukuoka, Japan
Friday, October 3, 2008
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I feel like I am home and I need borrow a car to drive to the Mall.

Even though these countries have wonderful restaurants, clean sheets, and a panoramic view of advanced culture, I still think to myself, I went traveling to leave home, not to go home.

What is even worst, I am researching a trip to Australia and New Zealand and I got on a few Hostel sites in Darwin, Australia and saw photos of Brits jumping in a Swimming pool. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Australia, there is nothing wrong with Japan, these are modern countries, but my feelings are not based here, this is not what I like to do, this is not me.

I look at a map of Papua, New Guinea and I get excited, I look at Ethiopia and I start to dream, I think of the Congo and I get a rush.

I have been slipping back to Pucallpa, Peru in my mind, I truly want to go and canoe down the Yurua River and see what it feels to be on the edge of the planet, close to less contacted tribes.

There is so much going on in my mind and world, however I know I have already left Japan, Australia and New Zealand. I cannot help it, I am not here, I am in Pulcallpa, Peru, Ethiopia, or Papua, New Guinea, I am not sure what to do, I am here.

I feel that I should save these rich countries for my old age, I need to utilize my youth while I am still young.

I cannot imagine Dirk Pitt or Indiana Jones being here, I cannot imagine Wilbur Smith writing about these countries. I am not much of a dreamer, however I do know when I have left the path of my dreams.

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Off My Travel Path of Dreams

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