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A representative from wrote me, now I am itching to chat with someone in another language. You can type in English with a friend from France, the person in France types in French and it auto-translates so you only read English and your Frenchie friend only reads French. is an idea that needs to be supported, encouraged and made a success. Translation on the fly with is a great way to cut the distance between China and your country in half, really helping two worlds meet. Multiple Language Chat

Fukuoka, Japan
Thursday, October 2, 2008
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Languages supported as of October 2008, they say they are adding more soon.

Hmm, I have friends in every one of these languages, except Greek.

Chinese Traditional and Simplified

I just learned this; Hong Kong, Taiwan, and probably Singapore use Traditional Chinese, an older more complicated form of Chinese. The idea was this; the main continent of China was more literate so they simplified the Chinese. I hope that is correct…

Nonetheless, I am writing many people emails all over the planet inviting them connect so I can test out this great service by Please test it with your friends, I want to help give them feedback and keep this show on the road.

Andy of in Japan Multiple Language Chat Multiple Language Chat

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