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Map a Budget Around the World

2008-10-06 01:07:00

Map a Budget Around the World
Some countries are expensive, other countries are cheap, and here is a map to help you choose your path.

You want to know how I afford to travel the planet.

“A U.S. dollar exchanged and spent in India will buy more haircuts than a dollar spent in the United States.”
- Wiki on Purchasing Power Parity

Fukuoka, Japan
Monday, October 6, 2008
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I am in Japan, I am a poor person here, when I return to Thailand I will be rich. I challenge you to study this map below, this map in my opinion explains how I afford to travel the planet, and all the secrets are on this map. There is no point in me trying to explain this map; I truly believe you need to extract the secrets told in this map yourself.

For a little assistance, please ready this page on Wikipedia.org.
Purchasing Power Parity

Click on the map to make large.

When you understand this map, you have started on the path of least resistance. A smart traveler does not swim upstream; they know which way the current flows before they jump.

Then again, the majority never jumps; they stand still looking at the river pass them by.

For more great Maps to uncover the secrets of travel, go to this link on HoboTraveler.com. WayFinding Maps

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Map a Budget Around the World

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