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Koh Larn

2008-10-19 18:49:00

Koh Larn
Maybe Koh Lan

I am amiss, I have a Thailand girl that one time told me,
“If you go live on Sukhumvit I will never talk to you.”

I tend to agree with her opinion on Sukhumvit, and then she said the other day,
“Let’s go to Koh Lan.”

I finally found it on the map, and I said,
“Do you know where this Island is located?”

Koh Larn or maybe Koh Lan
Island off the Beach of Pattaya, Thailand
Sunday, October 19, 2008
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Koh Larn is an Island a short distance, or 20 Baht Ferry trip off the shores of the city of Pattaya, Thailand or the beaches of Pattaya.

I would say that Pattaya is the epicenter of the Boom Boom Bar Girl business on planet earth. I know that Cuba and Brazil have a big trade, I am sure that Angeles City in the Philippines is a whopper. However, I would say overall my guess is Pattaya is the center of this business. All the men of the world, all the tourist of the world, all the people who wish to get in touch with their inner fantasies find all roads lead to Pattaya. I believe 50 percent of the tourist may be women, do not try to say this is a man thing, and the city of Pattaya obviously has tons of Women Tourist.

I asked her a few times.
“Do you know where Koh Larn is located?”

Koh Larn is probably the correct way of spelling this, even though the has the description of the Island totally screwed up. Every sign around says Koh Larn, when I purchased the ferry ticket, when I say a Police Boat, all had the words “Koh Larn” on them, however I do believe the way you pronounce it is “Koh Lan.”

I have been visited Thailand for many years and have never been to Pattaya, and I do not go to Patong. I now have spoiled my record. I was kind of hoping to stay out of this city, and again I asked her,
“Do you know where Koh Larn is located?”

Well, here I am on some weird Island by the name of Koh Larn, of the coast of Pattaya. The people who visit this Island are the people who visit Pattaya.

I am not sure; this is as if stepping is like jumping through mud puddles in a red clay driveway. You can think you are not getting mud on your shoes, but I guarantee you are.

We drove in a small Song Tow or them little truck collective taxis from the Bus station to the boat Pier that left for Koh Larn.

When I got off the bus, a Western man said to me,
“Don’t go in the water.”

All in all the Island of a Koh Larn is a Factory Beach, they have and assembly line process of managing tourist.

Small Truck to Pier for 30 Baht
Buy a Ticket for Boat 20 Baht
Small Truck to end of pier for 5 Baht, except when raining then the guy raises the prices to 10.

Boat to Island
Small Trucks and Motorbikes meet you at dock.
Go to the beach of your choice, lay under umbrella and swim.
Do the same process in reverse.

This is at best a day trip when you are bored, we finally decided to rent one the most expensive motorcycle in Thailand and visit the Island and I found nothing but a big knob of rock with a few ok beaches with no inner peace and traffic jam of motorcycles.

Truly one of the worst Islands in Thailand I have visited.

I also call this a “Seen You Coming Beach.”

You get off the boat and they have the traps set, everything is double the price if not triple. Except strangely the bottle of water are 5 Baht and cheaper than even in Bangkok.

There are very few Farang on the beach; this is Thai Umbrella Beach for a weekend trip with a too many Chinese, Japanese and Koreans taking pictures as normal.

I have to admit, this beach helps to make Bali seem good, when I would consider it a horrible beach vacation.

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