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Japanese School Children with Backpacks

2008-10-03 06:05:00

Japanese School Children with Backpacks
There was an invasion of these small Japanese children running towards me as they rushed home after school.

Fukuoka, Japan
Friday, October 3, 2008
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Japanese people generally are reserved and do not make eye contact, that is except for the children. These two with the help of a hand signals, and intuitive understanding helped me to get some fun photos of them with their interesting Backpacks. They are like small boxes, square with a small flap that looks like a Super Heroes.

Cute children, dressed sharp, clean and well behaved, a real contrast to many of the street urchins I meet around the planet.

Rather funny, they seem to want to help too much, really well behaved.

Ok, that is what I wanted, them to turn around and peek.

Thanks Japanese Children for a Good Day.

Japanese School Children with Backpacks

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