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Japanese Executive Riding Bicycles

2008-10-01 17:36:00

Japanese Executive Riding Bicycles
Japan in my opinion is the most developed country in Asia; it makes Singapore and Hong Kong look like country bumpkins.

I have grown suspect of highly developed countries though and yesterday saw suspicious signs that life at the top of the food chain may not be as good as at the bottom. Your quality of life, are you happy, is life good for you, I feel, people need to step back and take a good look at themselves.

Fukuoka, Japan
Thursday, October 2, 2008
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I was on the subway in Seoul, South Korea also thinking, if this is life, “I quit.”

I have no desire to stand for 30-60 minutes in a subway wedged into a spot, trying to close my eyes, hoping it all goes away.

I also have no desire to wear a suit, ride a bicycle to work, and try to balance a bag of rice, vegetable and tofu in the basket as I go home.

There is a deluge of suits that pass me on my morning walk around Fukuoka City here in Japan, this man is waiting for the little green man to say walk.

Tribal customs, traditions, and life of the average dweller of planet earth are about fashion, then how we use fashion to represent our status in the society. Suits in my opinion wea this uniform to try to show the world they are in this status category or obey certain tribal traditions.

Off he goes, riding his bike off to business fame in Fukuoka, Japan, I wonder if he is feeling a sense of status as he rides to work.

Do you care about your personal image, would you have a mountain bike, with fat tires, and look the sports person, or would you be practical and have what looks like a 1960 Pee-Wee Herman Bike, maybe a Schwinn bike of your childhood. When the practical life prevails, people tend to think,
"Married with Kids."
However, the majority of bike here are practical, I saw not trendy looking bikes, does practicality rule, there are many sporty cars.

I suspect the cost of living is so high here, that Suits are required to be practical as the cost of living pushes them down in social status.

I do not fit in, I have nowhere special to go, I am in the business of enjoying my daily walk, looking at the world as it hurries by.

Japanese Executive Riding Bicycles

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