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Japan is a Top Level Developed Country

2008-10-02 17:26:00

Japan is a Top Level Developed Country
I find it very difficult to describe Rich Countries in terms that make sense to other Rich Countries. How do you compare and contrast the same to the same, there are no differences to point out.

Fukuoka, Japan
Friday, October 3, 2008
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So far, in my experience of traveling planet Earth, Japan may be the most highly developed country I have ever visited.

Now, please be careful with these words Highly Developed, for sure this means crapola in many ways. I am not saying the quality of life is great, in many ways I would think Guatemala would be my choice.

However, in terms of the ability to remove problems or stop problems that are endemic of under-developed countries such as:

1. BAD Manners, the biggest sign of under-developed country.
2. Trash
3. Pissing in the street
4. Traffic
5. Disorganized
6. Corrupt Police
7. People becoming superstitious and paying the witch doctor remove the problem.

Etc. hehehe I put number 7 for contrast, at the bottom this happens often and daily.

The signs of development in my opinion and mind has to focus on what problems are missing, not the highly developed aspects of a nation that a person can see.

However, Japan has some Highly Developed Characteristics

1. System of making change when you pay whereby the money is not put into the tray until both parties agree that the transaction is satisfactory.

2. Recycle Trash bins next to Soda or Refreshment Vending machines.

3. High Rise Condominium living to manage high-density population.

4. You can drink the water from the Tap and bottle water sales are just fashionable in nature.

5. Joggers in the morning.

To be objective in making an opinion about the development is by nature just an opinion. To truly compare and contrast the countries of a planet the observer needs to visit all the countries and travel around from the lower strata to the higher intermixing with the locals. This being close to impossible in one life time is an indicators that nobody should pay much attention to these opinions. And for sure when a country says they are poor or rich, there should be no economic benefit as a reason to enhance or distort their image.
- Example: Poor countries say they are poor to get money, they make their problem worst than reality.

I have as of today collect 458 different specific types of identifiers of the development levels of nations. More or less a check list whereby a person of lesser skills sets could in a subjective manner, attempt to evaluate a countries level of development. If you read the 12 examples above, then envision that I have in total 458 of them in a database waiting…

Japan is a Top Level Developed Country

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