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Is a World Depression a Good Excuse

2008-10-01 16:33:00

Is a World Depression a Good Excuse
I am in a Hostel in Fukuoka, Japan they have many notes around the television area about not making noise. It is 7:00 am in Japan and I want to use the Television Room, if they get angry can I say,
“I am worried about a World Depression.”

I wonder if they would accept this as a valid reason?

Fukuoka, Japan
Thursday, October 2, 2008
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My experience in Hostel and Hotels is normally nobody cares what is happening in the world.

I do suspect they would care if MTV stopped broadcasting.

Even the eco-this and eco-that, save the world, hug a tree, never seem to care about the news on the planet, it is more about complaining about the planet, not knowing.

I do limit my use of CNN and BBC to factual data knowing they do spin real issues beyond belief; stories will start out small, and become world crisis level daily as they find new fishy spin casting words to use.

Maybe I can say,
"Stock Market Meltdown."
I believe this is spin, so I would be lying, however the long-term implications of real estate devaluation of 10-40 percent worldwide could cause a depreession. The whole world seems to think they live in Las Vegas, and they can be the odds.

Is a World Depression a Good Excuse

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