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I Live a Natural Lifestyle

2008-10-05 15:50:00

I Live a Natural Lifestyle
I gave up processed food a few months ago; my physical and mental health has greatly improved. I am not living from one sugar buzz to the next; my body and feelings are more stable.

It has made me more in tune with nature, and it has also given me a great answer to an annoying question.

Fukuoka, Japan
Monday, October 6, 2008
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“Why would you wake up so early?”
"Are you Nuts?"

I wake up naturally somewhere between 4:00 am and 7:00 am normally seven hours after I fall asleep. This tends to annoy everyone around me, although I try to be a solo act, keep away from other people at this time in the morning. However, they tend to think of me as crazy,
“Why would you wake up so early?”
"Are you Nuts?"

What is funny, the majority of the travelers wish to consider themselves in tune with nature. They are often vegetarians, they can sit around telling me how globalization is destroying the planet. They tend to want to hug trees, and for sure would criticize me when I do not see the big deal about recycling.

(I believe recycling is a just a great way for governments avoid their responsibility, to save on the cash needed to make trash separator machines.)

However, now I have a comeback when they ask,
“Why do you wake so early, this is crazy?”

I just say,
“It is natural, I am in tune with nature, and I wake up when the sun shines and sleep when the sun sets. I am helping to stop global warming by using less carbon based fuels.”

“What you do not believe in helping stop global warming?”

(Oops, I do not believe global warming is a crisis.)

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I Live a Natural Lifestyle

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